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The Great Supernatural Quest 2014 

I have watched 114 episodes of Supernatural over the past fortnight and finally my quest is at an end with Season 9, episode 23. And it feels amazing. I hate everyone (apart from Crowley, who is the most manipulative bastard to ever wear a suit and I appreciate that, and Gabriel and Balthazar, who are dead) so much. Hate. Hatred. Would happily watch them have all their hypocrisies shoved in their faces whilst all the interesting characters who got killed off hit them with Bobby’s cap wrapped round a brick.

This episode could just be Dean crying into a beer bottle and occasionally shouting ‘I’m fine!’ before stabbing passers-by and that would be fine because it’s going to be over in 40mins and I can leave it another 4 years to watch Supernatural again *does a happy dance*

(of course it’s going to run that long, Supernatural will still be running when I die and my soul is eaten by rabid jackals :P)

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the difference between tap dancing and step dancing, adorably illustrated.

we watched this clip in my dance appreciation class last year, it is A++

I was so engrossed I accidentally watched the whole thing. Also, I think I’ve been in fandom for too long because I immediately started shipping the two main dudes.

Wow, just wow!!….also totally seconding the shipping thing…oops?

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dad and i watch captain america: the winter soldier

dad:oh god it's starting shut up i've been waiting for this for months
(movie starts)
dad:i don't know what's happening but the french guy fighting cap looks like french macklemore
me:how do you even know who macklemore is?
dad:i'm hip. i'm cool
me:don't you do it
dad:i'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 baguettes in my pocket
(five minutes later)
dad:is that the Falcon? that's totally the Falcon
me:how do you know?
dad:i used to read the comic books trust me on this i'm an expert. his superpower was that he could talk to birds
dad:i mean in hindsight it probably wasn't the most useful thing ever
dad:if this winter soldier is supposedly a ghost in the machine that nobody's ever seen, and nobody will ever catch, you would think showing up in broad daylight and blowing up cars would not be his modus operandi
dad:how the heck did he laser through concrete??
me:idk dad it's nick fury he can probably do whatever he wants
dad:i'm sorry attractive nurse who just so happens to live next door, my heart belongs to a seventy year russian dude with a bionic arm
dad:nick fury isn't dead. justice never dies. he probably has a billion clones in some top secret storage facility, just waiting for their organ harvest.
me:ew dad gross no
dad:i really relate to that apple store employee
me:we all do dad
dad:oh that's that guy from the first movie! i remember him! he was my favorite, his eyes were so blue, and he loved steve so much. i wanted them to get together
me:dad good god
dad:he was a little less marilyn manson at that point though
dad:not that guyliner isn't a good look for this guy
dad:when a deadly russian assassin wears eyeliner, it's 'he's so dreamy' and 'wow what a badass'
dad:but when i do it it's 'you're too old' and 'bald guys can't pull off make-up'
me:dad it was halloween and it was one time you need to let this go
dad:so bucky barnes, aka cute cocky guy who died in the first movie, aka steve roger's best friend/boyfriend, is a top secret super scary brainwashed hydra agent?
dad:called it
dad:do you think single handedly destroying jets is just a common, everyday thing for cap? punch a few tanks, feed a few pigeons, take out a plane, help old ladies cross the street...
dad:captain america is like your grandad minus the booze and the cussing
dad:in all honesty that was a little anti-climactic
dad:i was 100% sure nick fury was gonna descend majestically from the heavens, 'All I do is Win' blaring in the background, and single-handedly save everyone's ass
dad:scarjo and chris evans are two of the most beautiful people in the world and they are both in this movie and i don't know how to feel about it i have butterflies in my stomach i'm a schoolboy again
me:you know on second thought we should have brought mom
dad:where's hawkeye? where's bruce? where's tony? where's thor? WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER AVENGERS AS THE ENTIRETY OF SHIELD IS COMPROMISED AND NICK FURY DIES
me:maybe they figured steve could handle it
dad:maybe they're all lazy assholes
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Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!

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Doctor Who/The thick of it crossover: Malcolm  is not really pleased with the new PM

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Are you ready for the 2014 Summer Anime Series?
You can check out the complete list of shows and dates of releases here or here!

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